Elevate Your Garden with Our Organic Solution

Sanasoil's organic microbiology biostimulants and organic fertilizers line promises to bring vibrancy to your garden, all while bidding farewell to harmful chemicals and synthetic minerals.

Our years of meticulous research have culminated in the creation of an eco-friendly nourishment for all plant varieties. Cultivate healthier and more robust plants with the potential for up to 60% higher yields!


How To Use Sanasoil Compost In?

Gardening has never been this effortless, even for those without a green thumb! Sanasoil Compost In is a versatile product that demands no specialized expertise. Follow these simple steps, and your plants will thrive, enriched with a diverse array of nutrients and microelements.


How To Use Sanasoil Elixir?

Sanasoil Elixir, a liquid extract from Compost In, is the ultimate growth and health formula for a wide range of crops, including vegetables, fruit trees, berry bushes, grains, and more. Loaded with an abundance of microelements, fulvic acids, humic acids, amino acids, phytohormones, and other complex organic compounds typically lacking in average soils, it's the key to robust growth and vitality.


How To Use Sanasoil Immuno Pro?

Sanasoil Immuno Pro offers an eco-friendly alternative to chemical fungicides and insecticides. Strengthen your plants' immune systems and ward off various pests and diseases, including pathogenic fungi and disease-causing agents.


How To Use Sanasoil Harvest Boost?

Sanasoil Harvest Boost is an organic growth formula powered by a microbial inoculant primarily composed of photosynthesizing bacteria. It's designed to enhance the fruit-growing abilities of plants and boost harvest yields. Harvest Boost features live yeast, lactic bacteria, nitrogen-fixing bacteria, phosphorus-fixating bacteria, potassium-fixating bacteria, actinomycetes, and a host of other symbiotic microorganisms.


Transform Your Approach

Sanasoil, our eco-friendly product line, empowers you to achieve higher crop yields while preserving the environment. By blending cutting-edge technologies with time-honored farming traditions, we've created Sanasoil fertilizers and biostimulants.

Revolutionize your cultivation, fortify your plants, and optimize your harvests with our unwavering commitment to 100% natural products.


Make Smarter and Healthier Choices with Ease

At Sanasoil, we firmly believe in the right to choose a healthier approach to cultivating greens. Explore how our eco-friendly product line can benefit you:


One Universal Organism Formula for All Your Gardening Needs

Whether you're managing a large crop farm or tending to herbs in your kitchen, the Sanasoil product line stands as the premier choice for plant nourishment, empowering you to achieve bountiful harvests.



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