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Use our microbiology biostimulants and organic fertilizer line for all kinds of root plants and forget harmful chemicals.
Let the green color thrive with Sanasoil's eco-friendly solution.

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Created in Collaboration with Nature

Different formulas from one, exceptionally organic microorganism cocktail — for your greener garden.
Over 80 symbiotic organisms combined.

Why Sanasoil?

Sanasoil is What Your Garden Makes Greater

About Sanasoil


More than ten years of research & production led to the day when Sanasoil can present a revolutionary, organic fertilizing solution for your plants. Our success lies beneath a team of agricultural scientists whose mission was to create a sustainable yet highly effective fertilizing solution. Here at Sanasoil, we don’t try to fight nature but rather work with it, employing the forses it created over hundreds of millions of years of plant evolution.

Meet the future of 100% organic, human & nature-friendly gardening. Sanasoil products will help you say goodbye to harmful chemical fertilizers and effortlessly grow healthier, more nutritious fruits & vegetables.

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If you are looking for a trusted organic fertilizer provider,
Sanasoil is the perfect fit.

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  • Quality! Was using chemical-based products for a few seasons. This year, I have decided to try out Sanasoil. And I instantly regretted that I had been using chemicals for all these years. My plants started growing faster and stronger. For a few seasons, I’ve been struggling with some pests on my bushes and Immuno Pro helped me get rid of them easily.
    Sanya Beck
  • At first, I was quite skeptical about the products. But shortly after using the Elixir, I’ve seen a rapid growth of my vegetables. After harvesting some of them, I can truly say - it’s a must-have for every amateur or professional grower out there.
    Mikey Redman
  • I’m a big fan of Sanasoil products. I ordered Compost In and Elixir for my greens and was pleasantly surprised by how fast the delivery was! It took less than 3 days and I’m already using the products I’ve ordered. And also — kudos for the beautiful package!
    Ella Jenkins
  • I’ve been using Sanasoil for about two months and have already harvested first tomatoes and lettuce in my greenhouse. Sanasoil improves the taste and the harvest quality. Even my kids started loving vegetables and fruits! Recommended.
    Eve White
  • ImmunoPro is what helped me, while even chemicals did not. My fruit trees and bushes got some kind of fungi. I’ve reached out to Sanasoil’s customer support, they gave me advice on how to find them, how I should use the product and it worked! I’m proud to say that my garden is fungi-free, thanks to Sanasoil and your team.
    Betty Brown

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